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AI is the recreation of human intelligence through computer systems and algorithms. It is one of the fastest growing technology in recent days.

AI has become an important for companies looking to outperform their competitors. Choosing the best AI companies in India will transform your businesses by providing the essential tools for sustainable growth.

It can be hard to decide which one is worth focusing on because of available of many AI companies in India. Here is the list of AI companies in India:

1. Zensar Technologies 

Zensar Technologies is an AI company based in India. It was established in 1998 and offers solutions for digital transformation. This IT services company has grown quickly, with its headquarters in Pune and offices throughout India, the US, Europe, and South Africa.

Digital design and customer experience engineering, consultancy, systems integration, and managed services are just a few services they offer clients with strategically linked processes and technologies.

2. Tech Mahindra 

Tech Mahindra is one of the top AI based companies in India, which offers cloud based solutions, system integration, software development, IT infrastructure services, and consultancy. Tech Mahindra was founded in 1986 which has its headquartered in Pune, Mumbai.

They provides advanced artificial intelligence services along with traditional IT services. Innovative solutions of Tech Mahindra have helped many multinational corporations undergo a digital transition, increasing their productivity and cutting expenses.

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3. Cognizant 

The leading international information Technology Company is Cognizant. They provide a wide range of AI products, including marketing automation, fraud detection, and customer service. Cognizant offers cognitive automation services and professional advice on AI strategy and execution.

With these services, Cognizant assists businesses in realising the promise of artificial intelligence, promotes corporate expansion, optimises workflows, and opens fresh doors in various markets.

AI Companies in India
AI brain on circuit board background. 3d illustration

4. HCL Technologies 

The Indian multinational IT services and consulting company is HCL Technologies. They provide AI driven solutions for data analytics, intelligent automation, and customer engagement. HCL’s AI solutions are essential for improving customer experiences, simplifying business processes, and deriving insightful information from data.

HCL Technologies recently teamed with Google Cloud to advance its AI projects. Their sector knowledge and in depth comprehension of AI technologies make them an invaluable ally for businesses pursuing AI driven digital transformation.

5. Tata Elxsi 

Tata Elxsi Ltd was established in 1989, headquartered in Bengaluru, India. AI driven engineering services, AI for Intelligent Automation, AI for Industry 4.0, AI enabled healthcare solutions, AI for customer experience management, and AI for Integrated Transport Solutions are just a few of the company’s extensive AI solutions.

Tata Elxsi is a prominent artificial intelligence company in India, distinguished by its ability to tailor solutions to meet the specific demands of its clients. Because of this, many organisations value their partnership and have entrusted them with their AI development needs.

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6. Bosch 

One of India’s leading AI firms is Bosch India Ltd. Bosch India was established in 1992, and Bengaluru, India, serves as its corporate headquarters. Bosch India offers three main services, which are AI Robotics, AI Solutions and AI Service.

They also offer services for developing AI embedded systems and machine learning, among other things. These qualities have helped it establish itself as a reliable supplier of AI solutions domestically and abroad.

7. ThirdEye Data 

One of the most well-known artificial intelligence firms is ThirdEye Data. It was founded in 2010 and has its main office in Kolkata, India. The company offers automation and analytics driven AI services to assist customers in accomplishing their objectives.

With the help of their cutting edge AI services and products, they can do jobs faster and more effectively than ever. Artificial intelligence companies in India, such as ThirdEye Data, offer a broad range of AI solutions that greatly increase corporate productivity while saving time, money, and labour.

8. CGI India 

The global information technology and business consultancy firm CGI Group owns CGI India as a subsidiary. CGI India is dedicated to providing businesses in India and worldwide with AI powered solutions. They offer data analytics, automated processes, and cognitive computing services that are AI powered.

Nearly 10,000 AI experts at CGI India are engaged in various initiatives, such as creating chatbots, facial recognition software, and predictive analytics tools. As a participant in the IBM Watson Ecosystem, CGI India has access to IBM’s artificial intelligence technologies.

9. Kellton Tech Solution

Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd was established in 1993 and has its headquarters in Hyderabad. They have consistently offered cutting edge IT solutions to various international companies over the past 20 years. This has helped them establish themselves as leaders in the AI sector.

Digital transformation, cloud computing, AI & ML application development, and thorough product engineering are just a few services they provide. Kellton Tech offers unrivalled knowledge and exceptional customer support.

10. Thought Works 

A multinational technology consulting company, ThoughtWorks, is renowned for its software development and digital transformation expertise. They greatly emphasise artificial intelligence and provide AI powered solutions for sectors like retail, healthcare, and finance.

ThoughtWorks helps companies make better decisions, streamline operations, and produce innovative goods. ThoughtWorks has partnered with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to accelerate its AI development efforts.

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Bottom line

The artificial intelligence industry in India continues to grow due to modern technology businesses. The above listed AI companies in India are well positioned to grow further and influence technology globally, due to their solid foundation and unwavering dedication to quality.


1. Which industries are the main focus of Indian AI companies?

AI businesses in India provide specialised solutions for certain industry demands and serve various industries, including healthcare, finance, education, e commerce, and manufacturing.

2. How do Indian AI companies stay updated on the most recent developments?

To stay up to date with the most recent trends and developments in the AI business, AI companies in India spend on research and development, attend conferences, and participate in international forums.

3. What possibilities exist for Indian AI companies?

A rising emphasis on innovation, research, and talent development has given Indian AI firms a bright future. The sector is expected to continue expanding, strengthening the artificial intelligence position in India.

4. How powerful is artificial intelligence?

AI is already an effective tool to improve weather prediction, speed up drug research, create new materials, and optimise search engines.

5. How does AI benefit businesses?

Artificial intelligence enhances business operations by boosting productivity and operational efficiencies. It enables quicker decision making through insights derived from cognitive technologies.

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