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Application For Reopen Bank Account

To activate the inactive bank account we have to write an application for reopen bank account. Do you struggle to write an application for reopen bank account? If the answer is affirmative and you are looking at the format for account reopen applications, then relax; you have come to the proper spot. I’ll go over the entire method for writing an application for reopen bank account in this blog article, along with several examples of application writing. So keep reading till the end to know how to write the application for reopen bank account.

Why Do Bank Accounts Typically Get Freezed or inactive?

Many people are unaware of the causes of bank account freezing. The most frequent explanation is that the account user has not been able to make their payments on time, and the bank believes it would be too risky to continue giving them access to money.

The account has been the subject of questionable behaviour, which is the second explanation. This could be something as easy as a client making too many transactions in one day or it could be something more serious like a client attempting to withdraw all of their funds at once.

The account has been the victim of identity theft, which is the third reason. Banks will freeze your account if someone takes your credit card information and starts using it before you can show that you are who you claim you are. And if you have to activate the account then you have to write an application for reopen bank account.

Problems an inactive account could present

Even if you might think it’s a problem, you are aware of how annoying it will be. On your registered mobile number, you didn’t receive the SMS alerts. You won’t be able to immediately remove your phone number. The most concerning situation is not being able to pay for basics, which is where a dormant bank account comes in. Even managing online transactions and account access are unavailable. A difference exists between an inactive bank account and an inoperative one.

The bank will inform the account’s owner when an account is inactive and no valid money receipts or withdrawals have been made in the previous year. Two to three months before the event, the account owner will be alerted through email or postal letter; if they do not respond, their bank account status will be recorded as inactive. After two years of inactivity, the bank account is considered “inoperative” or “dormant,” and the account manager is informed of this. Having stated that, even when a bank account has been designated as inoperative, it is still feasible to enable an inoperative account using a certain procedure that the bank suggests.

How Do I Effectively Write an application for reopen bank account?

Reopening an account can be accomplished with the use of a letter to the bank. Specific information about the account holder, such as name and address, should be included in the letter, which should be written to the bank. The letter must also contain a request for the account to be reopen as well as any other pertinent information. You can also visit a branch or make a call to the customer care line to do this.

You should follow the steps below when writing an application for reopen bank account:-

●     Request the bank’s mailing address by contacting them.

●     Describe why you want your account inactive in a letter along with how long it has been frozen.

●     If you have any other sorts of accounts with the same bank, be sure to include them as well.

●     Send the letter together with identity documentation, such as a copy of your passport or driver’s licence, and, if necessary, a copy of your active credit card or debit card.

Points You Should Know while writing application for reopen bank account

●     Visitors must bring their applications for reopen bank account and visit the relevant branch.

●     In the application, applicants must include all of their account’s information.

●     The applicant must have four passport-size photos on hand because certain banks also require these.

●     A pen is required for the applicant’s signature.

●     A Xerox copy of the applicant’s bank passbook, Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter card, and driver’s licence must also be included with the application.

How to Write an English Application for Reopen Bank Account

Write the title of the position for which you are applying, such as Branch Manager or Clerk, in:-

Step 1. Write the title of the position you are applying for, such as Branch Manager or Clerk.

Step 2: After that, type the name of the bank and the branch’s address.

Step 3: On the following line, type the date.

Step 4: Briefly describe the topic of the application you are building.

Step 5: After that, compose the application’s text in which you describe your issue and ask for assistance in resolving it.

Step 6: Give your bank all the information it needs to reestablish your account.

Step 7: At the conclusion, include a thank-you note for considering the application.

Table showing the application for reopen bank account

Regional Manager,
Bank’s name
Bank Information
Sub: Letter for My Bank Account to Reopen
Manager of Branch
In order to reopen my bank account in your branch, I am (Name), S/O, (Name), writing to you. My account in (Another city/area name) was deleted because there hadn’t been any transactions for a long time when I was transferred there by my employer. I have a fresh chequebook and ATM card linked to my former bank account, and I want to utilise it now that I have been appointed back in (City/Area name). When I went to my bank yesterday to deposit some money, the branch agent informed me that my account had been closed because there had been no transactions. (Explain the specific issue and setting.) . Please activate or reopen my account with the title (Name and address) with the number “xx-yy-zz” as soon as feasible.
I’ll come to your location on (Date) and complete any paperwork or supply any documents you might need in order to reactivate my previous bank account. I’ve included a copy of my NIC for your reference. I appreciate you,
Number of contact and signature


In this article we have discussed everything about how to write an application for reopen bank account, so we hope our article will help you! And if you have any queries or problems regarding bank then you should consult to your nearest bank.

FAQ for writing application for reopen bank account

1- What paperwork is needed to defrost the bank letter?

Ans– Each bank has a unique list of documents that must be shown in order to unfreeze an account. Typically, a letter from the bank and the account holder’s ID card are needed to unfreeze a bank account. The authorization to remove funds from the account should be acknowledged in the letter. The letter needs to be written on the bank’s official letterhead and have an authorised officer’s signature. Both the date the document was prepared and the date it expires should be included in the document.

2- When will the bank account be reopened after submitting the application for the reopening of bank account?

Ans– Depending on the circumstances, the bank may take 3 to 10 working days to unfreeze a frozen bank account. This is so that the bank can examine and complete your request, which takes time. Again it depends from bank to bank according to their service speed.

3- What should be added to the application for reopening the bank account?

Ans– things that should be added in the application for reopening bank account are:-

●     the identity of the account’s owner.

●     the account owner’s residence address.

●     The release date

●     the deadline by which it must be delivered.