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Money is a valuable commodity that takes center stage as a precious partner. All are focusing on maximizing their finances, and the best way to do it is to invest in a savings plan that promises both safety and substantial returns. 

If you are a person who values the power of having readily available money, then short-term investments with generous returns can be your best bet. These short term investment plans with high returns allow you to save money by earning good interest.

Are you seriously searching for a short term investment plans with high returns? Then don’t get confused by the plenty of options available. Read below to learn about a curated list of short term investment plans that can offer you valuable returns:

A brief overview of the Short-term Investment plan

Short-term investment plans are financial instruments that can be converted into cash in a short period of time. These are mostly highly liquid investments that have a maturity period of less than five years, and many would also have premature withdrawal facilities. 

These investment plans are useful when you need to secure your wealth and get high returns within a short period of time. Anyone can use short term investment plans with high returns for parking emergency funds.

Short-Term Investment Plans with High Returns.

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1. Saving Account

Savings accounts are short term investment plans with high returns that are more prevalent among people. The best feature of any savings account investment is a debit card linked to a savings account.

It can also be used as a better savings option if you want to park your funds that can be used later for specific payments. But you should also remember that savings accounts should not be used to withdraw funds frequently if you want to save more for future needs.

2. Recurring Deposits

Recurring Deposit (RD) accounts offer flexible tenure options ranging from 6 months to 10 years. They provide liquidity, and in case the account is closed within one month, only the principal amount is paid with no interest. 

RDs offer competitive interest rates similar to Bank Fixed Deposits (FDs). However, it is always advisable to use an online FD calculator to know any potential returns before investing. 

In taxation, the interest earned is added to the individual’s income and taxed according to the applicable income slab rate. In short term investment plans with high returns investment plans like RDs, TDS is deducted if the interest exceeds Rs. 10,000.

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3. Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits are one of the best short term investment plans with high returns. The main advantage of it is that it offers higher returns, which will be independent of market fluctuations and interest rate volatility. 

If you want to withdraw any money for the emergency, you can do so by paying a penalty. The surety of returns and safety of the capital has been the main factor in increasing the popularity of fixed deposits. 

4. Post-office Time Deposits

Post-office Time Deposits are one of the most secure and attractive short term investment plans with high returns in india. It is offered by India Post, and this scheme enjoys widespread popularity, particularly in rural and remote regions of India.

There are various tenure options for post office time deposits, which include 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, or 5 years, providing flexibility to investors. However, you must note that in Post-office Time Deposits, interest is calculated annually.

Premature withdrawals are also not permitted before the initial 6-month lock-in period. On returns, the post office time deposit account offers competitive post office FD return rates.

5. Short-Term Debt Funding

Short-term debt funding invests in debt instruments which will have a maturity of six months to a year or less. They were created for people who invest in very short-term debt. These debt funds will produce more revenue and be liable to lower taxes than a bank FD. 

They are believed to perform better in terms of return than banks and money market funds. These benefits make short-term debt funding one of the best short term investment plans with high returns in india.

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6. Treasury Securities

Treasury bills are issued by the Government of India, which is a money market instrument and it comes with a guaranteed repayment at a later date. Funds collected are usually used to meet the requirements of the government to reduce the fiscal deficit.

These are primarily short term investment plans with high returns in india that come with a maximum tenure of 364 days, which is available at zero interest rates. They are issued at a discount from the published nominal value of G-sec (Government security)

7. Commodities, Stocks & Derivatives Market

Commodities, stocks, and derivatives are short-term investment plans that will yield high returns. Investments in these tools are not subject to any minimum holding period.

So, you can get in and out anytime, and this feature makes it a useful investment for short-term options. These short-term investments are mainly used for earning some interest.

8. Liquid funds

Short-term securities are the focus of liquid funds and money market funds. There are many characteristics that make liquid mutual funds excellent choices for short-term investments. It includes high liquidity and T+1 withdrawal, money market-related return, and there is no exit fee.

Final thoughts

The above-given options can be used for short-term investing, which offers the best strategy to meet any financial goals in a short period. You can secure your finances, which will help you manage any unforeseen expenses with the best short term investment plans with high returns in india. The unique benefit of many short-term investment plan is that it allows you to withdraw money whenever you need it.

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1. Which is the best short term investment plan?

Among many short-term investment plans Fixed Deposits, Saving Accounts, Post-office Time Deposits and Treasury Securities can be best short-term investment.

2. How to invest Rs 5000 per month?

Invest Rs 5000 per month in a leading mutual fund or find the perfect investment match for capital growth, balanced portfolios, tax benefits, and stable returns. 

3. Where can I invest for 15 days?

If an individual likes to invest funds for (15 days or less), then they can choose liquid funds.

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