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Bank Account Closing Letter format

Bank Account Closing Letter format: A formal letter to the bank manager is required in order to close an account with a bank. In the bank account closing letter format, it should be made very clear why the bank account is being closed. Additionally, you must include in the bank account closing letter format all the information pertaining to your bank account, including your account number, branch code, full name, etc. If you’re looking for the bank account closing letter format for the best illustrations of a ledger closure application, you’ve come to the right place. There is no rigid cycle for closing a financial account. It follows an easy cycle.

In this post, we’ll go over the right structure for writing a bank account closing letter format terminating a bank account. People need not worry if they do not know how to compose a closing letter. Learn how to bank account closing letter format by reading the whole article here!

Why Would We Close a Bank Account?

Different people may have different motives for closing a bank account. The most frequent causes include inadequate service or response, excessive costs, shady internet businesses, etc. Another reason can be that you can’t keep up with the account, need the money, or just want to open a new account. So if you have to close the bank account due to the above-mentioned reason you must know the bank account closing letter format.

Other times, it also takes place. The bank may shut your account if it has been dormant for a very long time, if it has had zero balance for an extended length of time, if there have been too many bounced checks or overdrafts, if identity theft has occurred, etc.

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Bank account closing letter format and some examples

To close your account, you must write an application to the bank office administrator and attach your cheque book, passbook, and ATM card to this application. The money balance can also be transferred to another branch without closing the current one. Generally speaking, the bank will need 5 to 10 days to close it.

It is always a good habit to write applications independently, but since we don’t have enough time, it isn’t possible for us to write professional applications. In order to save you time, we have created a few ledger closing letter examples that will help you with your work.

The most well-known reasons why account holders typically shut their accounts include personal reasons, migrating to another country, rude bank employees, doubtful financial systems, a high cost of credit, or problems with internet banking. So here we have discussed some of the bank account closing letter format, you can take help from it.

Bank account closing letter format

The following information should be included in the structure of the bank account closing letter format:-

●     The Branch Manager’s address

●     Bank’s name and address

●     Date

●     Topic line

●     Greetings (Sir/Madam)

●     Thank you in the letter’s body and finish with yours With all sincerity, etc.

●     Signature and name

Format of bank account closing letter format:-

Branch Manager
[Bank name here]
State, City, and Pincode
[Correspondence’s body]
The first paragraph has the following sentences:
The second paragraph has the following sentences:
The third paragraph has the following sentences:
Thanking you

Your sincerely


The Name

Sample of bank account closing letter format:-

The Branch Manager
State Bank of India
Bangalore, Karnataka
Pin- 560028
Date: 19Jan, 2021

Subject- Request to Close the Bank Account
I am unable to maintain my account with your branch, Account No. 2039029302, because of certain personal concerns. I kindly ask that you cancel my savings account and stop any transactions. I will be sending my application back with my cards, chequebook, and passbook.
Please cancel my bank account and transfer the remaining balance to the addresses listed below. It would be really appreciated if you took the necessary steps to start the procedure right away.
Bank Account Number – 209485945
IFSC Code – KKBK0000245
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely
Manoj Tiwari
Account Number:

Account closure application

The Branch Manager,
Punjab National Bank,
C Block XYZ Road, Bangalore.
Date:- Date/Month/Year
Subject:- Application to close an account.
Requested Sir/Madam,
I’ve had an account with “mention your name” in your branch for the past five years. Now that I have three accounts with various banks and am moving to “name your new city,” I want to terminate my savings bank account.
So, I respectfully ask that you close this account as soon as you can.
Account Holder Name:- _____________
Account Number:- _____________
Registered Email:- _____________
Aadhaar Number:- _____________
Mobile Number:- _____________
Thanking You,
Yours Truly

Application for Bank Account Close

The Branch Manager,
State Bank of India,
B Block XYZ Road, Jaipur.
Date:- Date/Month/Year
Subject:- applying for closing a bank account.
Requested Sir/Madam,
Through this application, I’m asking you to close my present account since I’ve noticed recently that unauthorised charges are being taken from it. I haven’t conducted any unusual business, though. The details of my account are mentioned below:-
Account Holder Name:- _____________
Account Number:- _____________
Registered Email:- _____________
Aadhaar Number:- _____________
Mobile Number:- _____________
Please accept my application and start the process for closing my account..
Thanking You in Advance,
Yours Obediently

Requisites before writing bank account closing letter format

●     Here are the necessary paperwork and items you’ll need to shut your bank account.

●     Your Bank Account Information

●     Name of the Account Holder

●     Your authentic passport

●     Your Unique Checkbook (If Issued)

●     Credit/Debit Card/ATM Card (If Issued)

●     your signature is proof of identity (Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID Card, Electricity Bill, Passport)

●     The Address Is (Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card)

Important Things to Keep in Mind while writing bank account closing letter format

Analyze your bank account: The most crucial activity before writing a bank account closing letter format is this. Have you ever experienced a crucial equilibrium?

●     Transferring the money to another record or withdrawing it are both options you can consider. The approach that is most problem-free and typically takes less than a day is moving electronically. However, under specific circumstances, you might think about physically pulling it out. This is a more traditional approach to doing things.

●     Close the account: Once you’ve moved all of your money, you may now write an application letter to close your record. Don’t forget to ask for a composed record from your bank.

●     It is wiser to destroy your credit cards and cheques at this point than to keep them before writing bank account closing letter format .  Additionally, this will ensure your security. Banks frequently ask for copies of your credit cards and cheques along with your application letter. The guidelines listed in your client mindfulness brochure can also be followed.

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for sample letters to cancel bank accounts or the format for applications to close bank accounts. You may find a variety of application samples as well as we have discussed the bank account closing letter format and shared some examples also. We hope it will be helpful to you!

FAQ of bank account closing letter format:-

Q.- Whom should we address the letter terminating the bank account?

Answer– The bank manager should receive any correspondence or applications regarding terminating bank accounts.

Q. How long does it take to terminate a bank account, after writing a bank account closing letter

Answer– After the application is given to the bank manager, it typically takes three working days to cancel a bank account.

Q- What paperwork is needed to end a bank account?

Answer: A photo ID and a bank passbook.

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