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HDFC Retirement Savings Fund

Hdfc retirement savings fund is an investment product offered by HDFC Life Insurance Company Ltd. The fund value is calculated based on the performance of a benchmark index. A retirement savings plan is a viable option for all individuals. HDFC retirement savings fund helps you build up a corpus towards retirement or when you wish to buy a house or land. You can also use HDFC retirement savings fund money for any other purpose as per your choice. With the help of the HDFC retirement savings fund, you can build up your financial assets in a systematic manner with the help of tax-free returns.

This scheme was launched in the year 2001 and has been growing at a steady pace since then. HDFC Retirement Savings Fund has gained popularity among investors because of its tax benefits and its low cost structure which allows them to save more money without much stress or anxiety about losing their investments due to market fluctuations which are common in stock markets today due to globalisation etc.

In this article, we will discuss the HDFC Retirement Savings Fund. We will begin by discussing what this fund is, and then we will go over its advantages and disadvantages. We will then compare it to other retirement funds available and finally provide you with a list of the best funds for you to choose from.

What is HDFC Retirement Savings Fund?

Hdfc Retirement Savings Fund is a retirement plan offered by HDFC Bank, which is a leading financial services provider in India. A fund is an excellent option for those who want to save for their retirement.

Hdfc Retirement Savings Fund is a mutual fund that invests in stocks. This fund provides an interest rate of 7.5% per annum, which is credited to your account every quarter. It also provides an exit load of 2% on the redemption amount and 3% on the maturity amount. You can withdraw any amount as and when you want, but it will be subject to a withdrawal tax of 10%.

Benefits of Hdfc Retirement Savings Fund

Retirement savings are one of the most important aspects of one’s financial life. People need to ensure that they have adequate savings for retirement so that they can live comfortably when they are no longer working. The HDFC Retirement Savings Fund is a great way to save for retirement, as it offers attractive interest rates on deposits and other benefits such as tax benefits and insurance cover.

The main advantage of investing in HDFC retirement savings fund is that it has been around for a long time, which means it has had plenty of time to develop its reputation as one of India’s most reliable mutual funds. HDFC retirement savings fund has also been able to attract investors with its low-cost options for investors who are looking for an affordable way to get started investing their money in the stock market without having much experience or knowledge about how things work behind the scenes at their local bank branch office (where most people start out when they want

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How do we invest in HDFC Retirement Savings Fund?

The best way to invest in this fund is online through your bank account or mobile banking app. You will have access to your account 24/7 through your internet connection, which makes it easy to monitor your investments and make changes if necessary.

The HDFC Retirement Savings Fund is a mutual fund that offers you the opportunity to invest in stocks and bonds, along with gold and real estate. The fund is managed by HDFC Mutual Fund Management Company Limited, one of India’s oldest fund companies.

The HDFC Retirement Savings Fund has a value of Rs 1,200 per unit as of May 2019. It is one of the most popular mutual funds in India and has been consistently ranked among the best-performing funds in the country over the past few years.

Considering all of these factors, it’s no wonder why it’s a good option for retirees looking to save money while they’re still working.

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Is it good?

It depends on your goals and needs. If you want to save retirement money, it is good. If you want to invest in the stock market and earn high returns on investment, then HDFC Retirement Savings Fund is not for you. But if you want to invest in a fixed deposit or bank fixed deposit, then this may be suitable for you because it has a higher interest rate than other schemes like SBI MIS, UTI Fixed Income, etc.

What is the Fund Value of HDFC Retirement Savings Fund?

The total value of all the stocks held by the fund would be its value at the end of the day

HDFC Retirement Savings Fund is a mutual fund that has invested in stocks and provides an interest rate of 7.5% per annum, which is credited to the investor’s account every quarter. Investor can withdraw their funds anytime after having contributed to the fund for at least five years. The initial minimum investment for this mutual fund is Rs.500/- with no maximum investment limit on a yearly basis.

The regular plan offers the lowest rate of return but it also offers the lowest risk – so if you are looking for something that will give you steady returns with little risk then this may be the right place for you. The gold plan gives a higher rate of return but it also has higher risks associated with it – so if you want to take more risks then this may be the right choice for you. Finally, the platinum plan offers even higher rates of return but also higher risks associated with it – so if you want to take even more risks then this may be the right choice for you.

Table showing detailed returns analysis

Period invested for ₹10000 Invested onLatest valueAbsolute returns  Annualised returnsCategory avgRank within category
1 week05-aug-2210188.301.88%1.06%4/28
1 month12-jul-2210812.508.12%5.49%7/28
3 month12-may-2211328.3013.28%7.80%2/28
6 month12-feb-2210513.505.14%1.40%2/28
1 year12-aug-2110995.909.96%9.96%5.04%4/28
2 year12-aug-2018020.0080.20%34.24%14.47%1/24
3 year12-aug-1918692.8086.93%23.09%11.30%1/21
5 year11-aug-1719582.2095.82%14.37%9.06%1/13
Since inception24-feb-1630100.00201.00%18.59%10.80%3/31


The HDFC Retirement Savings Fund is one of the most popular saving schemes in India because it offers tax benefits and other perks such as freebies such as ATM withdrawals and insurance cover at no extra cost! The fund also offers a higher interest rate than other banks do on their savings products which makes it an attractive option for many people who may not be able to manage their own finances well enough yet but still want something safe and secure.


1- What is the fund value of the HDFC retirement saving fund?

Ans– As of August 12, 2022, the Growth option of the Regular plan of the HDFC Retirement Savings Fund Equity Plan has a current net asset value of Rs. 30.09.

2- What is a quant active fund?

Ans– A multi-cap equity strategy called Quant Active Fund (G) invests primarily in equity stocks with the long-term goal of building wealth.

3- How much of my retirement account may I take out?

Ans– The 4% rule is one commonly cited guideline for retirement spending. It’s really straightforward: You add up all of your investments, then during the first year of retirement, you withdraw 4% of that amount. The dollar amount you remove in later years is adjusted to reflect inflation.

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