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Thinking and worrying about money when you are a student can affect you in many ways, both academically and personally. With rising inflation and cost of living, everyone is affected by its impacts.

Between student loans and other fees, it can be difficult to save the student money. But don’t worry, as there are many ways you can spend less without having any drastic changes to your student life. Here are simple ways through which you can save the student money as a college student:

1. Create a budget

In simple terms, a budget is an estimate of revenue and expenses over a specified period of time. To make sure you spend wisely and stick to your spending limits, you should have a well-planned budget, and it should be reviewed regularly.

In the budget, you include everything you would spend money on, including food, textbooks, groceries, clothes, internet, entertainment, and more. After creating a budget, you measure and document your daily expenses for evaluation. You can make necessary changes in your budget plan and save the student money.

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2. Try to avoid buying new books.

To save the student money, the short answer is to avoid buying books. As books play an important role in a student’s life, they can eat a major junk of education. So, finding ways to reduce this expense is necessary.

You can download e-books online, and most of them are free. If you are a person who prefers to read books offline, then you can buy second-hand books from the market, or you can take books from the library.

how to save money as a student

3. Make use of public transport.

Public transport offers the best way to save the student money. Using public transport can help you lessen the burden of increased expenditure and save your pocket. Many cities have bus cards and railway cards, which can save money for students, and they will then be used for productive spending. 

4. Look for discounts

Many businesses offer discounts for students to get patronage from students, and these are not available for people out of school or college. So, look for such offers and discounts which can then be used to save the student money. Your student ID can be a great saviour to get benefits out of the discount. You also search for softwares that students can use for free. 

5. Prefer free entertainment

Many people, including students, used to think that fun comes from spending a lot of money on parties, movies, clubs or other local attractions. But if you look closer you can find many free entertainment available in the city.

Look on the internet or talk with people interested in free entertainment, where you can look for all kinds of things for free. You can look for natural spots in free parks or join any student clubs and participate in any activity.

6. Cook your own meals.

Eating out, especially with friends, can be one of the most expensive things in a student life. If you live in a city which is mostly filled with expensive restaurants and it is difficult to find affordable and healthy food, then it is better to cook by yourself.

Cooking healthy foods is cheap when you cook by yourself, and it also adds to self-care. This doesn’t mean you should always cook food by yourself. You can take breaks by eating outside when you carve for restaurant food. This way, you can save the student money on monthly expenses. 

7. Buy in bulk

The more, the merrier is true for students as well, and it is one of the most important money management tips for students. Buying products in bulk allows you to get the most out of the money you spend.

Along with your friends or family, you can make bulk purchases. Buying groceries in bulk will definitely help you save a lot of money, and you will be surprised to see the saved amount.

8. Earn some extra income

Find a part-time job to make some extra money if your college education gives you enough spare time. If working a part-time job is not an option for you for whatever reason, there are many online money-making options available. You can be a part of any work that you feel comfortable and earn some money. 

9. Be wary of impulse purchases.

Whenever a fresh sale pops up with discounts, many will buy without even considering its use. You might have saved money by right planning, but when you see some incredible discounts without even understanding their utility, you might think of buying them. Try to keep yourself out of flash sales. You will be surprised how big a difference this can make when saving money as a student.

10. Don’t go into debt.

Do not save above your means if you want to save money as a student. You will get a lot of pressure when your friends and peers start purchasing things. If you go with what your peers are doing, you may then get into unnecessary debt. So, an important money management tips for students is to not go into debt because of peer pressure.

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Final thoughts

Being a student is not always easy, especially when it comes to spending. You can successfully save money and set financial stability by following some simple money management tips for students given above. Always keep in mind that learning how to budget your money as a student doesn’t mean giving up the things you enjoy doing, but it means finding efficient methods to spend your money.


1. How do you manage money for students?

The important thing about managing money as a student is to make a proper budget plan and keep updated about the expenditures and plan according to the needs. 

2. Ways to save money easily?

There are many ways to save money, and the important ones are to avoid unwanted buying, look for discounts and try to cook your own food.

3. How do you save money every month as a student?

To save every month as a student, you should keep track of your expenditures and try to take public transport.

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