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No doubt, automation is being introduced in every sector, along with depositing money in ATMs, and banking is also one of them. We are all aware that the banking sector has experienced a high level of automation over the last few years, as people can transfer money just by clicking on a button on their mobile phones. From making online payments, and depositing money in SBI ATM to opening a bank account, all the tasks have been automated and are hassle-free as well. Now if we move to the major task of the bank account, which is to take deposits from the people and how to deposit money in SBI ATM. Earlier, people had to visit the bank and do their best to deposit money into the bank account. There are also a few problems in that the bank will not take cash deposits because of its own limitations. Apart from this, the chances of mistakes are very high when people are given the responsibility for cash deposits. But the bank recently added the automatic task to the ATM machine, and they also started depositing money in SBI ATM.

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Is it possible to add money to SBI ATM?

Yes, it is right now. It is possible to deposit money in SBI ATM and the biggest advantage of this is that you can deposit cash even by 2:00 a.m. at night. People don’t have to worry about depositing money in the ATM as it takes very little time and is very convenient as well. We all trust the ATM machine as the transactions made through it are very safe, secure, and reliable. In this content, you will get to learn the step-by-step guide which leads you to how to deposit money in sbi atm.

Check the steps how to deposit money in SBI ATM?

  • The very first thing to try to do is to find an ATM machine that is ready to take cash deposits, as not every machine is taking deposits. You can also use the SBI ATM locator to find out the nearby ATM. After doing this, you have to select the stadium in the category and enter the address to search for nearby CDM. It will help you locate the nearest ATM that can take cash deposits from you.
  • Once you reach the ATM, you can insert your ATM card and then click on the banking. Now the language option will appear on the screen and you can select whoever you prefer. Now you have to enter the ATM pin there to complete the transaction.
  • The third step after entering the ATM pin is to click on the deposit and then click on the cash deposit. It will display a message about the deposit which shows that you cannot deposit more than 200 notes and the amount of no more than Rs 49900 for how to deposit money in sbi atm procedure. 
  • The fourth step is to click on the confirm button and choose the account type, either the savings or the current account.
  • After selecting the bank account type, the cash slot will open and you have to put the money in that slot. Make sure that the notes are not folded and entered on the till button after placing the cash in the machine during the depositing money in sbi atm procedure.

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After completing all the above steps of how to deposit money in sbi atm, the machine will start counting the currency, and if there is a folded note, the machine will open the cash compartment and you can collect the note from there. The note is also rejected because of the sea crease lining for the cold, so ensure that there is no fold on the north and if the note is counterfeit. Then the machine will keep the note and you will get another receipt from the same after completing the deposit money in sbi atm.

  • Now the third step will be to enter the button again and the summary of the gas deposit will be displayed. You can also click on Add More Cash and then you can click on the Confirm Button to deposit the cash.
  • The 7th step will be to get the receipt for the deposited amount at the ATM during the deposit of the money in sbi atm.
How to deposit money in sbi atm

Let us tell you that the cardless transaction maximum limit is Rs 49,999 per day. On the other hand, if you are using a debit card, you can only deposit a maximum of Rs 2 lakh in a day. If you are disusing a PPF account or a recurring deposit or even alone, then you can use the CDM to deposit cash into those investments. The CDM is also used for cash withdrawal, which is similar to the ATM, or even for other services such as balancing the mini statement of account and pin change.

Not all branches have cash deposit machines, so it is better to know how to deposit money in sbi atm you leave home to deposit cash in a CDM. You can either call your bank branch or check out the online cash deposit ATM machines near your house. You can save a lot of time by doing some research before leaving home to deposit money in sbi atm.

What are the other features of ATM machines?

  • The most popular feature of ATM machines is withdrawing money, with a daily limit of Rs. 45,000 on the classic debit card and Rs 100,0000 on the higher value cards.
  • It is a high-tech machine that enables you to withdraw money just with the touch of your fingers. The denominations of the notes are 100, 200, 300, 400, etc.
  • You can also use the ATM to generate a new pin or a green pen. Make sure you are changing your pin on a continuous basis for this security purpose.
  • If you are expecting an inflow of funds in your account, then you should check out the current available balance by using the ATM machine fully. This service is available on the main options screen just after use wipes your card.
  • You should have to keep track of the transactions in your bank account by using the ATM card service. They will give you a detailed statement of all the last transactions in your account with information within minutes.
  • You can also use the ATM for the call-to-card transfer. The SBI debit card is used to pay money to other bank accounts, but it will charge a specific amount of money from. You are trying to transfer money. To get more details about it, should check out the SBI official website.
  • By using the SBI ATM card, you can also pay a credit card payment using the SBI ATM card. ATM cards are a history changer as they make bank transactions paperless and easy as well.

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FAQ on How To Deposit Money In SBI ATM

1. What is the withdrawal daily limit of SBI ATM?

Ans. Rs 45,000

2. What is the maximum amount to deposit money in an SBI ATM?

Ans. Rs 49,900

3. Which bank provides the deposit money by the atm?

Ans. SBI

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