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Jio emergency data loan was a service that Reliance Jio had previously announced. Users can borrow company data through this facility. It is designed for customers who don’t have access to cash to pay for cellular company data purchases. Reliance Jio offers numerous 4G data coupons. You must make an upfront payment if you decide to buy one. However, if you really need it and don’t know how to take data loan in jio, you can get it from Jio as a data loan through the company’s Emergency Data Voucher facility. In this content, you will get brief details on how to take a data loan in jio, and it will be easy for you to get a data loan.

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How to take data loan in jio

It will give you an idea, of how much emergency data loan is important for the users.

The Jio users decide when they want to repay the jio emergency data loan amount; there is no set timeframe for doing so. The cited source further revealed that those who use this service will receive numerous reminders if they neglect to make their loan payments. Users of Reliance Jio’s prepaid plans are eligible to borrow up to 5 1GB emergency data loan packs. It is important to know that each 1 GB data pack costs Rs 11.

Process how to take data loan in jio

  1. First, launch the MyJio app (the latest version from the Play Store).
  2. Now choose the Jio number needed to access the emergency data loan and log in.
  3. Select the menu option in the top left corner.
  4. There, choose “Emergency data loan” and then click “Proceed.”
  5. On the following page, select “Get emergency data.”
  6. When the banner for the 1GB high-speed data appears, click the “Proceed” button.
  7. Select “Submit” or “Later.”
  8. You’ll receive a loan of 1 GB of Jio data right away.

You are permitted to borrow 5 GB of high-speed data. This information may be used to access any OTT platform’s content. You can play later by using this technique.

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How Do I Repay My Jio loan after knowing how to take data loan in jio

In order to apply for the emergency data loan offer, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to MyJio.
  • Use your Jio Number to log in.
  • Decide to recharge
  • Select the 4G Data Voucher tab.
  • Click on Payment of Emergency data loan to access the Recharge 11 each (1GB high-speed data) payment option.
  • The full loan balance is shown for payment.
  • Choose any online payment method to complete.
  • receipt of payment.
  • Offer counter for Jio Emergency Data Loans resets automatically
  • Your data loan offer quota can be reused.

The Process of how to take data loan in jio

The “Jio Emergency Data Voucher” service had already been introduced by Jio. Utilizing this service, users can borrow data from the organization. Customers who lack access to funds to pay for telecom data purchases are the target audience. Reliance Jio provides several 4G data vouchers. You will need to make a payment in advance if you want one. However, if you need it immediately and lack the money to pay for it, you can get it through Jio’s Emergency Data Voucher option as a data loan.

You can borrow Jio data by going to the MyJio app, signing in with your Jio number, choosing Emergency Data Voucher from the mobile services menu in the top left, and then tapping on proceed. After choosing the “receive emergency data” option, click the “activate now” button. We’ll give you access to your emergency information. All these are included in the process of getting jio data loan.

What Is the Repayment Process for My Jio Data Loan?

To recoup the data, sign into your MyJio app and select “Emergency Data Vouchers.” After that, select “Pay” by pressing the next button to purchase an emergency data voucher. Any unpaid balance owed to Jio will be displayed there, and you can settle it using any available online method. To get the jio 1GB data loan number, you should check out the procedure provided above.

Is the Jio Data Loan Free?

Obviously not! As was already mentioned, the company charges Rs 25 for 2GB of emergency data, which is reasonable and the same price as the 2GB 4G data prepaid voucher that is offered to users.  You can simply check the procedure by jio 1GB data loan number and if you find any problem, then connect with the customer care of jio.

What Happens If Jio Data Loan Isn’t Paid?

The company won’t loan you data from Jio again if you don’t repay it until you settle your debts. Jio also has the right to sue the customer if the debt is not paid in full within a reasonable period of time.

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FAQs for Jio Data Loan

Q. How often am I able to take advantage of the Jio Emergency Data Loan offer?

Ans. You may use up to five Emergency Data Loan packs (each worth $11) without making an immediate payment. A loan can be for as little as 11 (or one pack) or as much as 55 (or five packs).

Q. Who may take advantage of the Jio Emergency Data Loan Offer?

Ans. Only Jio prepaid smartphone users have access to this feature at the moment.

Q. Will my Jio Emergency Data Loan pack continue to function after my primary plan has expired?

Ans. No, the Jio Emergency data loan pack operates in accordance with the terms of your underlying main plan.

Q. When applying for the Jio Emergency Data Loan Offer, are there any additional fees that must be paid?

Ans. In order to take advantage of the Emergency Data Loan Offer, there are no additional fees. For instance, if you purchased 1 data pack, you would need to pay $11, and if you took 5 packs, you would need to pay $55 (or $11 multiplied by 5).

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