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Unicorn Startups In India

Unicorn startups are privately held businesses that reach a valuation of $1billions. This term is used in the venture capital industry for all the unicorn startups in India. Venture capitalist Aileen Lee in 2013 coined the term- Unicorn Startups for all the budding startup companies. This term is also used in the Indian market for startup unicorns in India/ Indian unicorn startups.

This name is given to only those companies/ list of unicorn startups in India that reach a $1billion valuation in a year. Soon, there will be some more Indian unicorn startups which will be called super unicorns or decacorns. These unicorns in India will have a $10billion valuation. These are all privately-owned companies.

What are Unicorn Startups?

The term ‘unicorn’ refers to a mythical animal. This term is used to emphasize the rarity of startups having a $1 billion valuation in a year. Technology-based startups, fractious innovation-based, and consumer-oriented are unicorn startups or unicorns in India. Like any other company, 75 percent of these companies don’t provide a return on investment when they fail in the market. According to statistics, 9 out of every 10 fails.

With theoretical research, untested hopes, and assumptions; unicorns often put themselves in serious trouble. Unicorn startups are categorized by rapid growth. These titles usually achieve That will be from a series of venture capital and back-to-back fundraising events. it is a billion-dollar dream. People often say why to work in a Unicorn when you can build a Unicorn.

These startups in India have contributed to making India the third largest startup ecosystem in the world. Many privately-owned companies have Created a Unicorn status in India. They have made a big impact with small but rapid steps

Unicorn Startups In India

There is tremendous growth in the year 2021 where the economic growth touched the skies because of new unicorns in India. In Q3-2021, NASSCOM has identified 28 new unicorn companies in India. India witnessed three unicorn companies in India coming up every month in 2021. There is a big growth in the list of unicorn startups in India. But still many don’t know what are Unicorn startups. And how It reflects the growth of a startup company.

The term unicorns tell the rare statistics of unicorns in India. the number of unicorns in India has increased rapidly. Growth is magical that comes with measure tests and experiments. Unicorn startups have started a culture of experimentation where each person can become a noble entrepreneur. That, in turn, conjugates the whole company into a Unicorn startup in India.

Unicorn Startups In India
Unicorn Startups (PIC- PIXABAY)

Features of unicorn startups in India

Company’s vision and a fight against all challenges make a startup a unicorn Idea and business model of every startup makes it a different unicorn but all the unicorn companies in India have almost the same feature like:

  1. Technology- The core of new startups in India is based on consumers’ and businesses’ satisfaction. Hence, uses technology and science to become unicorns in India.
  2. Niche market– Field not known or targeted before and working towards providing a solution to it makes all the privately owned startups a unicorn.
  3. Innovation- Most of the unicorns in India made sure to put innovation at the forefront; providing better opportunities for businesses and consumers. Some unicorns in India have made their business models as such that they have become part of the everyday life of consumers.
  4. Growth- Most privately owned startups have a bigger chance to become unicorn startups in India as they receive a lot of investments in bulk sometimes from investors.
  5. Growth-driven MVPs- Unicorns in India work diligently on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) considering the vision of the company. They then run tests, execute, and scale it repeatedly to become the best unicorn company in India.

List of unicorn startups in India – Top 20

With skyrocketing success list of Unicorn startups in India has become a rarity or mythical start-up. On average, unicorn companies in India offer nearly three times as much equity to their employees as compared to others. India has a list of more than a billion dollars valuation startups which are named below. India is home to all these Indian unicorn startups.

S.noCompany nameSector
1Digi InsuranceInsurance
2InnovaccerSaaS- healthcare data analytics
3Infra MarketB2B E-commerce construction materials
4Five Star BusinessNBFC
5MeeshoSocial commerce
6CredFintech- credit card payments
7PharmeasyE-commerce online pharmacy
8GrowwFintech- mutual funds and brokers
10ChargebeeSaaS- Subscription billing
11Urban CompanyMarketplace- Handyman services
12MoglixE- Commerce- B2B
13ZetaFintech- Enterprise software
14BorrowerStackSaaS- software testing
16DroomUser Car Marketplace
17BharatpeFintech- Payments
18MindtickleSaaS- HR Training
20CoinDCXCryptocurrency Exchange

 What are unicorn companies in India?

The term ‘unicorn’ has become so relatable. It works towards raising the Indian startup ecosystem. Unicorn startups cater to the needs of their targeted customers/consumers or markets. Unicorns generate greater revenues with their products/services in different sectors. There are a total of 66 unicorn startups in India. 28 unicorns have been an addition to the unicorn list in 2021. These unicorns serve in different sectors like:

1.     E-commerce

2.     Mobility

3.     Fintech – Payments

4.     SaaS – Analytics

5.     Adtech

6.     Cryptocurrency Exchange

7.     Classifieds – Marketplace

8.     Social media

9.     ProptechÂ

10. Logistics, etc.

FAQs- Unicorn Startups

Q1. Which companies are the Unicorn companies in India?

A1. Companies that have a valuation of $1billion in a year are called startup unicorns in India.

Q2. What do Indian unicorn startups mean?

A2. Private owned startups are called Indian unicorn startups

Q3. Name any five startup unicorns in India

A3. Digi Insurance, Licious, Slice, BharatPe, Meesho are unicorns in India.

A4. The answer is YES.

Q5. What are super unicorns or decacorns?

A5. The list of unicorn startups in India that have more than $10billion in valuation in a year is super unicorns or decacorns.

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