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Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price

Gone are the days when washing clothes was the toughest task, now washing machines have made it easier. Fully automatic washing machines are the need of every household. Laundry chores are tiring, but fully automatic washing machines have made it super easy. Many companies are manufacturing fully automatic washing machines with varying features and prices.

Here, we have listed the top 10 washing machines and fully automatic washing machine prices to make it easier for you to choose the one that suits your requirement and budget.

Those who take responsibility for laundry know how useful automatic washing machines are. These machines perform the whole process of washing clothes without human intervention. You only have to put the clothes in the machine, fill the detergent tub and start the cycle. This saves your time and energy that you otherwise would have wasted washing clothes by hand or by semi-automatic machine.

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Top 10 Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price and Features

As fully automatic washing machines are becoming more popular among people, the price is becoming affordable. Also, the best fully automatic machines come with amazing features like hard water wash, load detection, germ-free wash, and voice assistence

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Searching and comparing fully automatic machine prices can be confusing and frustrating. To make it easier for you, we have researched and listed the top 10 fully automatic washing machines so that you can pick the best one for you. You can explore the top range of fully automatic washing machine prices in the table given below. The table covers the top 10 fully automatic washing machine prices, specifications, model numbers, and company names.

Sr. no.Model namecompanySpecificationPrice 
1T7269NDDLLGLoading type-top loading Weight-6.2 kg Warranty– 2 years warranty RPM-700 Dimension- 540*870*540mmRs.16990
2WA60M4100HYSAMSUNGLoading type-top loading Weight-6 KG Warranty– 1 year RPM-680 Dimension-540*906*568mmRs. 13890
3WOE654YOINBOSCHLoading type-TOP LOADING Weight-6.5 kg Warranty– 1 year RPM-680 Dimension-340*930*530mmRs. 16499
4WMPREMIER 702SDWHIRLPOOLLoading type- top loading Weight-7 kg Warranty– 1 year RPM-740 Dimension-540*910*560mmRs. 17925
5WAK24168INBOSCHLoading type– front loading Weight– 7kg Warranty– 1 year RPM-1200 Dimension-600*850*600mmRs. 31990
6FH2G8HDNL42LGLoading type– front loading Weight-7 kg Warranty– 1 year RPM-1200 Dimension-600*850*440mmRs. 32894
7HW65-B10636NZPHAIERLoading type- front loading Weight-6.5 kg Warranty- 2 year RPM-1200 Dimension-450*850*495mmRs. 26990
8WW65M206L0WSAMSUNGLoading type-front loading Weight-6.5kg Warranty- 3 years RPM-1000 Dimension-600*850*450mmRs.26400
9T65SKSF4ZLGLoading type-top loading Weight-6.5 kg Warranty- 2 year RPM-700 Dimension-540*870*540mmRs. 16990
10WA65A4002VSSAMSUNGLoading type– top loading Weight-6.5 kg Warranty- 2 years RPM-680 Dimension-540*926*568mmRs. 14590

Detailed Discussion About Top 10 Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price and Features

Below is the detailed discussion about the fully automatic washing machine price and features. These machines come with various features and technology, We are providing you with additional information to make it easier for you to choose.

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1.     LG T7269NDDL

If you have a small family (3-4 members), this LG washing machine is perfect for you. It operates on smart inverter technology and possesses a waterproof motor with BMC protection to reduce the chances of corrosion, insect invasion, and humidity. Turbo Drum Technology offers a superior wash experience to the users. The washing machine is equipped with Patch +3 technology to spin clothes in all directions. The LG smart diagnosis of the machine will detect up to 86 errors via SmartThinQ App.

LG T7269NDDL Fully automatic washing machine price: Rs. 16,990

2.      SAMSUNG WA60M4100HY

Samsung is a trusted brand in India, producing amazing gadgets. As always, this Samsung washing machine comes with many attractive features like waterfall technology, Eco Tub Clean technology alerts to indicate the dirty tub, Diamond Drum USP, and a little water exit hole to avoid trapping fabric.

SAMSUNG WA60M4100HY fully automatic washing machine price: Rs. 13,890

3.      BOSCH WOE654YOIN

This Bosch production is one of the top washing machines in 2022 with a One-Touch Start feature, Magic filter, PowerWave system for cleaner results with intelligent Wave Drum Movement and Dynamic Waterflow system.

BOSCH WOE654YOIN fully automatic washing machine price: Rs. 16,490


Now your most stubborn stains will no more trouble you. The Whirlpool top-loader washing machine is equipped with high technology features like Agipeller with 3D Scrub Pads, Hard water feature, and ZPF technology.

WHIRLPOOL WMPREMIER 702SD fully automatic washing machine price: Rs. 17,925

5.      BOSCH WAK24168IN

This Bosch front load washing machine comes with an in-build water heater, active water plus technology which adjusts water level according to weight and load of fabric, ANtiVibration design for quieter operations, and 15 wash modes to serve different kinds of fabric.

BOSCH WAK24168IN fully automatic washing machine price: Rs. 13,990

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6.      LG FH2G8HDNL42

For a Family of 4, this LG washing machine is the perfect choice with a building heater that heats the water up to 60 degrees smart Diagnosis feature, a waterproof touch panel, baby care mode to keep your little one’s clothes germ-free and soft, and a child lock. It also has an automatic tub clean feature.

LG FH2G8HDNL42 fully automatic washing machine price: Rs. 32,894

7.      HAIER HW65-B10636NZP

This machine is front load with the largest door in the segment which makes it easy to add or remove the clothes. With 16 wash modes, an in-built heater, inverter motor, anti-bacterial technology, and Zero pressure technology, it is available at a very reasonable price.

HAIER HW65-B10636NZP fully automatic washing machine price: Rs. 26,990

8.      SAMSUNG WW65M206L0W

Another great product by Samsung has a silver wash feature to prevent bacteria buildup, a quick washing program, a ceramic heater, a digital inverter motor, and Samsung’s Volt Control Technology. It is ideal for small families and is budget-friendly.

SAMSUNG WW65M206LOW fully automatic washing machine price: Rs. 26,400

9.      LG T65SKSF4Z

This LG fully automatic washing machine is top-loaded with quick wash modes, a digital display, and smart diagnosis. The child lock feature makes it super safe for your little one.

LG T65SKSF4Z fully automatic washing machine price: Rs. 16,990


The product is best suited for small families with Air Turbo Dryer, and different washing modes like Quick, Delay timer, Eco Tub Clean, Normal, Soak Plus Normal, and Monsoon. Additional features of the Door lock and Child lock add to the safety standards. The Tub material is Stainless steel, and the transparent window Lid is equipped with tempered glass.

SAMSUNG WA65A4002VS Fully automatic washing machine price: Rs. 14,590

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Things To Keep in Mind While Choosing The Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Buying a washing machine is a big expenditure, so choosing the washing machine wisely is very important to get completely out of your hard-earned money. While buying a Fully Automatic machine, you must keep the following things in mind:

  1. Type of loading style: There are 2 types of loading styles available in the automatic washing machine, front load, and Top load. Front-load washing machines contain no agitator and use paddles on the drum sides which make front-load washing machines more gentle on your clothes.

Front-load washing machines consume less energy because they can wash more clothes In 1 cycle. Front-load washing machines require less amount of water than top load. Talking about the space occupancy, the front-loaded machine is best if you want to keep it under a cabinet or something as it doesn’t require space on the top. Front-load machines are more expensive than top load.

  • Size and Capacity: You must check the size and capacity of the washer tub along with the maximum weight of clothes your machine can bear per cycle. The weight usually varies from 5-10 kg per cycle. First, analyze what type of clothes you have to wash in the machine, then decide the weight and size.
  • Material of the tub: Checking the material of the washing tub is another main factor. Usually, the tub is made up of stainless steel, toughened plastic, or porcelain enamel. However, Enamel rust and chips, plastic is a better option. The best material for the tub is stainless steel as it is durable and last longer.
  • Wash Programs: Fully Automatic washing machine comes with different washing programs like quick wash, Time Delay program, etc. according to the types of garment. You can decide which wash program you want. Washing machines come with more than 23 wash programs.
  • Safety Features: While buying a washing machine, you must check if it has safety features like child lock, auto start, overflow control, overheat control, rodent protection, stability, and spin speed.
  • Additional Smart Features: Some washing machines are equipped with additional smart features to give more comfort to the users. The features are:
  • Easy washing programs– Many companies offer Quick wash, Bubble wash, and one-touch wash features.
  • Fuzzy Logic– This helps the washing machine to select the correct wash cycle according to the garment’s load and dirt. It also calculates the amount of soap and water.
  • I-Clean– It reduces the maintenance of the washing machine as it cleans itself after every wash cycle.
  • Soft-closing of the lid– The advanced washing machines come with a safe, smooth and elegant lid opening. There is no noise of slamming of the door.
  • Magic Cube Pulsator– It generates a large water flow that moves in different directions and levels. It cleans your clothes better.

FAQs On Fully Automatic Washing Machine:

Q1. Which is the best washing machine? Front or top load.

Ans. It totally depends on your requirement.

Q2. Do all washing machines have an LCD?

Ans. No, not all washing machines offer LCD. It comes in a few as an additional features.

Q3. Which is the best fully automatic washing machine under Rs. 18000?

Ans. LG T7269NDDL and SAMSUNG WA60M4100HY

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