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The car company names are very important before adding any car into your world. It becomes a family member. Many people get attached to their cars in deeper ways than other products. The top car brands in India have a unique sense of personal connection to any customer. In urban areas where the commute is mostly longer, top car brands in India become their home as they spend more time in their cars. Car company names play a crucial role before purchasing a car automobile. Nowadays, the car company names have become a possession of a customer.

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You must know a lot of people, including you who must have saved up or taken a loan to purchase the car of their dreams. Hence, car company names result in tremendous brand loyalty from a customer. The top car brands in India are Paying attention to all the requirements of the customers while making a manufacturing decisions. People think of top car brands in India as How they want to protect themselves in society. Many car company names let the customer be who they are by making a natural attachment or a connection between the two.

What Are Top Car Brands In India?

In the past decade or two, the top car brands in India have grown tremendously in the market. Back in the day, the decision to purchase a car was easier. People have to either choose from ambassadors from Hindustan Motors or Premier Padmini. But after the launch of the Maruti 800 in 1983, The whole car industry took a turn. It was a total game-changer for the industry. One of the best car company names was Maruti, which sold over 2.6 million units of that car model. It became one of the top car brands in India Which were easily accessible by India’s middle-class citizens.

With the decline from 40% to 36% in the demand for diesel models, the diesel car company names became weaker in the industry. For all the diesel models, the total volume of passenger vehicle sales stood at 3.4 million for the year 2019. Top car brands in India quickly followed the suit, when they set up manufacturing facilities while widening their horizons. There was an explosive boom in the Indian automotive market by 2016, where the customers were spoiled for choices for the best car company names. Only Maruthi Suzuki, Hyundai, and Mahindra are the three top car brands in India that makeup nearly 70% of the passenger car market.

The other brands are not making it easy for these brands. Many new car company names in India Introduced their car models with different price points. Some attractive features like mid-season facelifts, equipment designed to woo the Indian Top car buyer, etc. While some of the brands have been successful, others have not been able to be as successful as others in the influx of new car company names in India. While Maruti Suzuki is known for its value for brand money, Toyota has strong brand equity. In the end, the top car brands in India are the ones who can contribute to revenue generation while making sure that money is the ultimate metric.

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Some car company names like Multi Suzuki, Hyundai, Mahendra, Toyota, etc. make the list of the top car brands in India. These car company names appeal to younger buyers and they project an upscale market image. These are not just the car company names; these are the top car brands in India that include everything from sales to marketing to operations to making profits. In this article, we will be listing the top 10 Best car brands in India, where we will be comparing their pros and cons and some attractive unique features related to these car company names.

10 Best Car Manufacturers in India for 2022

We are listing different factors to compare different top car brands in India:

S.noCar Company NamesMarket shareTotal salesProfitMarket capROESales GrowthPromoter holdingDebt to equityPrice to book value
1Maruthi Suzuki India limited 51.22 %Rs 86,068 Cr7,649 Cr222,358 Cr.13.32 %14.33 %56.21 %  0.01  4.76
2Hyundai Motor India limited16.14 %        
3Mahindra and Mahindra limited7.53 %Rs 103,205 Cr.Rs. 3,068 Cr65,380 Cr.13.47 %11.35 %18.90 %1.561.59
4Tata Motors limited6.85 %Rs 58,121 CrRs. 655 Cr58,119 Cr.10.08 %17.33 %42.39 %1.132.63
5Honda Cars India limited5.44 %12,149 unitsRs.16,593.87 crRs. 1,252 cr8.28%over 26% selling 89 152 units0.42%1.220.5719
6Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited4.46 %sales of 8,312 units decreased 22.5% from the same month last year.around 8-10% of the total Indian passenger vehicle industry revenue30.17T12.32%44.68%TMC) holds 89% and 11% is owned by Kirloskar Group1.461.119
7Ford India2.75 %2.39%Rs 2,000-3,000 crore2.3%na9,018 units last month2.17%Rs 8,748 crore1.40.
8Renault India2.36 %8 lakh salesincreased by around 11.68% to Rs. 6920 crore4.85%28.07 %8 lakhs milestone achievedOwned by the Renault group0.000.2334
9Nissan India1.08 %3,010 unitsincreased by 22.31 % over the previous year2.02T0.96%grew 5.7 per cent to 4,250 vehicles in JanuaryPublic, 19,456,109.00, 30.95 ; Government, 0.00, 0.00 ; Others, 19,797.00, 0.03 ; SubTotal Promoters, 17,165,483.00, 27.31growth of 5.7%0.4555
10Volkswagen India1.03 %84 percent YoY growthRs 124.3 crore110.79B7.85%84 percent YoY growth31.4% Porsche Automobil Holding SE; 27% Foreign institutional investors; 10.5% Qatar Holding LLC; 11.8% State of Lower Saxony; 16%1.2180.7397


List of Top 10 Best Car Brands [Company] in India 2022 By Market share

Based on the total sales score and market share value of particular car brands, we have created a list of the top 10 best car brands in India. Listed below are the car company names that stand out in the market today in 2022:

1. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

With manufacturing units located in Gurugram and Manesar in Haryana, Maruti Suzuki India Unlimited has an annual production capacity of ~1.58 million units per annum. Based on sales and market share values, Maruti Suzuki India Limited holds the number one car company title in India. It was established in 1981 between the Government of India and Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan. SMC holds 56.21 percent of its equity stake. Its shares are also traded at National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange, commonly known as NSE and BSE.

2. Hyundai Motor India Limited

SANTRO, GRAND i10, ELITE i20, ACTIVE i20, XCENT, VERNA, ELANTRA, CRETA & TUCSON are some of the automobiles produced by Hyundai Motor India Limited. this company is owned by Hyundai Motor Company (HMC). It is the second-largest car manufacturer.

3. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited started their exports in the 1960s. Today, the automobiles manufactured by Mahindra and Mahindra Limited can be found in all six habitable continents. It has its headquarters in India that employs over 2,40,000 people across 100 cities of India. SUVs to electric vehicles, pickups, commercial vehicles, tractors, two-wheelers, and construction types of equipment or some of those renowned products of Mahindra and Mahindra Limited. It is one of the top car brands in India today.

4. Tata Motors Ltd

Tata Motors was founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1868. Today, Tata Motors Limited is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles. It is a $45 billion organization. The operations of Tata Motors Limited India stand alone. Cars, sports utility vehicles, trucks, buses, and defense vehicles Are some of the diverse portfolios of extensive range in Tata Motors Limited.

5. Honda Cars India Ltd.

Honda cars India limited was established in 1995. It is one of the top car brands in India That is a leading manufacturer of premium cars. It has its manufacturing facilities at Greater Noida, and at Tapukara, Distt. Alwar, Rajasthan. Honda models are Made with advanced design and technology. These cars have established qualities like durability, reliability, and fuel efficiency. Honda Cars India Limited has a distribution network with 374 facilities in 264 cities all across India today.

6. Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited

Toyota is manufacturing its cars in Bangalore. Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited Was a joint venture between Toyota and Kirloskar Group. It was established in 1997 in India. Today Toyota vehicles, including the Corolla Altis, Fortuner, and Innova models, and imports the Camry, Prado, Land Cruiser, and Prius models are some of the models that have made Toyota one of the top car brands in India. It has a network of dealers in more than 60 cities. Toyota’s annual production capacity is about 80,000 units and has launched a new production plant in 2010 in Bangalore.

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7. Ford India

With integrated manufacturing facilities in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and Sanand, Gujarat; ford India is being manufactured. It started in India in 1995 And now it produces its award-winning range of products like Ford EcoSport, Ford Figo, New Ford Aspire and Ford Freestyle. and Ford Endeavour. Ford India has a manufacturing capacity of 610,000 engines and 440,000 vehicles. Ford had 541 sales and service touchpoints in 292 cities till 2019.

8. Renault India

Renault India Private Limited is owned by Renault S.A. and France. Renault India is offering five models in the Indian market today, namely the SUV Duster, the compact MPV, Lodgy and Tribar, budget car KWID, and the latest crossover Captur. It also exports Duster to the right-hand drive markets. Renault India has its manufacturing unit in Oragadam, Chennai, with a capacity of 480,000 units per annum. Renault cars are manufactured with three shifts per day. It is one of the top car brands in India today.

9. Nissan India

Nissan Motors is owned by Nissan Motor Co limited, Japan. Nissan India was incorporated in 2005. It offers innovative and exciting products for its customers. Hatchback, MUV, SUV, and sedan segments are introduced in India. Nissan has two portfolio Brands in India, namely Nissan and Datsun. A manufacturing plant at Oragadam near Chennai has been set up Under the guidance of the government of Tamil Nadu. A total investment of INR 45 billion over seven years has been invested by Nissan India to provide the best quality and class products to the customers.

10. Volkswagen India

Volkswagen India has its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. It is represented by five brands, namely Skoda, Volkswagen. Audi, Porsche, and Lamborghini. Audi and Volkswagen entered India in 2007, whereas Skoda was launched in 2001. Lamborghini and Porsche were introduced in 2012 in India. With the mantle of superior engineering, Volkswagen India has its plants in fun and Aurangabad. The workers work seamlessly to manufacture the world’s most loved Volkswagen India cars. Every car manufactured by Volkswagen India, from small cars to luxury cars is convincingly worthy of its status in India. Volkswagen India is considered one of the top car brands in India.

Keep reading folks as we will be discussing all the attributes of the famous top car brands in India with their attractive benefits.

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FAQs on car brands in India

Q. List a few best car company names that give out attractive facilities in their car models.

A. Maruti and Hyundai give out attractive facilities and features in their car models.

Q. Which are the top car brands in India?

A. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Hyundai Motor India Limited, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Tata Motors Ltd are some of the top car brands in India

Q. Which is the most selling car in India?

A. Maruti Suzuki Alto is the most selling car in India with a market share of 51% in the Indian Passenger vehicle Market.

Q. Which company car is the best in India today?

A. It depends on an individual who they think is the best company car in India today.

Q. Name a few value-for-money brands in the car world?

A. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Hyundai Motor India Limited, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Tata Motors Ltd, Honda Cars India Ltd., Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited, Ford India, Renault India, Nisson India, Volkswagen India are some of the value-for-money brands in the car world.

Q. How can the car industry increase sales?

A6. Building trust among the customers and providing excellent features in cars Can increase the sales of a car company.

Q. What is the growth rate of the automobile industry?

A7. The growth rate of automobile industries in today’s era is millions.

Q. How do car dealerships grow?

A. By adopting digital Retail and by improving the Service department experience, any car dealership can grow.

Q. Are electric car sales growth in India?

A. Exponentially, electric car sales are growing in India.

Q. How do you advertise a car dealership?

A. One can advertise a car dealership by bringing their community together, getting creative, using customer testimonials, not skimping on social media, and partnering with a local business.

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